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Clock is ticking for better stomatal control

One of the things that I find really frustrating about academia (and a significant part of why I enjoy teaching so much) is how narrow your focus has to become. I have lots of biological interests: I find stress biology incredibly interesting. I am fascinated by epidemiology. I did an internship looking at sexual systems in plants. As a scientific researcher though, most of that gets shut down. If there isn’t a viable possibility for collaboration then you may as well forget it. Time spent reading about neurology or viral resistance is apparently time wasted for me.

Thankfully, I have a blog, and today – having given blood this morning – I am in no shape for lab work. If I were sensible I would be reading or writing or being otherwise productive. But, using the excuse that I would probably accidentally delete my entire Methods section (give me some credit, I faceplanted the floor of the donation room twice) I am reading about other interesting science.

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