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More Q & A from Rothamsted

Sense about Science have published another interesting Q & A session with the Rothamsted scientists about GM in general and their experiment in particular. You can read it all here. And in related news a man has been charged with … Continue reading

More on Rothamsted and TtFB

I really will write about something other than GMO field trials soon, but I’m having a fail lab day, and this is really irritating me. Beyond Pesticides Daily have published an article today referencing the whole Rothamsted / TtFB debate. I think … Continue reading

Best thing since sliced bread

In case you hadn’t gathered from all of the posts about the Rothamsted wheat trials, I have a bit of a soft spot for wheat. Wheat isn’t just globally important (as one of the Big Three staples, providing around 20% … Continue reading

Gates Foundation to fund UK GM Research

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the world’s largest charitable funds, aim to “help all people lead healthy, productive lives”. This is brought about by astronomic sized donations ($2.6 billion in 2010) to a variety of healthcare interventions, educational … Continue reading

A round up of the week’s news

These are just a handful of stories that have caught my eye this week, that I haven’t had time to write a proper post about. Government still positive about GM research, but no plans to relax legislation David Willetts, the … Continue reading

Molecular Biology 101: Genome Assemblies and Bonobos

Genome sequencing has been back in the news this week with the announcement that the genome of the bonobo has been assembled and compared to the human genome. The bonobo is a great ape found in the Democratic Republic of … Continue reading

Why GM isn’t the end game

I’ve written a lot in the last couple of weeks about Rothamsted and Take the Flour Back. In my efforts to outline some of the many flaws in the activists logics, I’ve probably come across as extremely pro-GM. Now seems as … Continue reading

A quick round up

It’s been a busy few days, and in the meantime lots of other people (who may be more articulate than I am right now) have done some great coverage of the Take the Flour Back protest, and GM stuff in general. I kinda … Continue reading

Someone is WRONG on the internet (More on GM…)

This is me this lunch time: Faced with a day of experiments that don’t require poking every 15 minutes, an inability to order anything due to some delightful fluke of our ordering system, no teaching commitments because my undergrads had … Continue reading

When debate and petitions aren’t enough

For the last month or so, I’ve been blogging on and off about the GM wheat research at Rothamsted and the reactions to this by a group called Take the Flour Back. The group have been planning a ‘decontamination’ event for next weekend, at which they and … Continue reading