An Update

Today is Monday 10th February. 

It’s 19 weeks until I start my new job. (Not academia: surprise, surprise!)

It’s under 4 months until I get married (Yeah, so that happened). 

And it’s about 7 weeks until I have to submit my thesis. My staggeringly not finished thesis. 

Progress has been slow but steady since Christmas, but today I have got in and felt completely unable to write. So I’ve tidied my desk (a bit) and drunk some tea (a lot) and wondered just how long it had been since I’d written anything on here. Answer: more than 6 months. How did that even happen? 

So, no promises, but I’ll see if I can keep some sort of log of the last few weeks of PhD-dom on here. If not for anybody else, then for myself. 

Just keep swimming…

One response to “An Update

  1. Good luck with the rest of your thesis writing. I recently submitted mine so sympathise with your situation. I had some days where I wasn’t really in the mood for writing. Found the best thing was to do some other tasks if possible e.g. making figures, organising references etc. or failing that call a halt for the day and do something for fun to relax 🙂

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