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Starting Grad School: The beauty of a clean lab book

Occasionally, I have the realisation that I am not entirely sane. Not in a catastrophic hearing-voices type way, but when I talk to myself and then remember that this is not normal. This morning I arrived at the sports centre to discover that circuits wasn’t on, and I would just have to go run in the gym instead. Upon finding my mp3 player in the bottom of my bag, and realising that I had in fact remembered to put it on hold (therefore meaning there was enough battery to get me through a 40 minute hill slog) I smiled and mentally called myself a good girl . Continue reading

The Ramen Diaries Part 7: Or Twitter, a cautionary tale

So if you’ve read the last few posts then you will know by now that I spent last week at a big genomics conference in San Diego, called PAG. You’ll also know that, while I was there, I encountered some people who walked out of talks, yawned and slept their way through talks, and just plain talked through them. Continue reading

Starting Grad School: A guide to your first conference. Part 2

Last week I was at a huge international conference in San Diego, presenting a poster and learning about cool science. I figured it was only charitable to impart my conference-gained knowledge, and seeing as I can’t talk about lots of the science (sharing other people’s unpublished data is Not The Done Thing) it’ll have to be touchy-feely knowledge instead.

Earlier I wrote about being prepared for conferences, but today I’m going to talk about how you behave at a conference.

Don’t be a dick

Okay, so that may sound pretty easy. But apparently it’s not. Because in the space of a week at PAG, I encountered some truly dickish behaviour.  Continue reading

Starting Grad School: A guide to your first conference. Part 1

I just (well, a few days ago, but: jetlag) came back from a massive international conference, and am feeling like it’s high time I shared some more advice for the first year Grad students. I could write you a couple of thousand words about attending conferences but, let’s me honest, nobody would read them. So for now I will just impart advice about two conference-attending topics:

  • Be prepared for anything
  • Don’t be a dick

I guess I should probably put a bit more meat on those bones, so here’s part one: How to be prepared for anything Continue reading

I’m still here!

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. I’m currently at PAG XXI. (That’s the 21st annual Plant and Animal Genome conference for those of you out of the loop). Long, long days (Workshops from 8am-6pm), a poster to worry about (no, I don’t know why a poster is making me nervous when I really should have been trying to give a talk) and jet lag into the bargain. Still, I might get a blogpost up before the week is out, and if not there will be one coming pretty much as soon as I’m back in the UK. (I have Friday off work since I’ll be too jetlagged for the lab, landing at 7am!) For a geneticist, at a genomics conference, I seem to be doing an awful lot of sociology…

Anyhow, bits and bobs still going up on Twitter, if you wondered whether I was still alive (or wanted to know more about QTL mapping, de novo assemblies and meiotic crossovers!)