The Ramen Diaries, Part 1: qPCR failure

Dear Diary,

Today I became a proper postgraduate student (after 3 years two months and about five days) by purchasing Ramen noodles for the first time ala PhD comics:

Unfortunately lab work is less successful. There are about six weeks left until PAG and I desperately need to crack on and get this data. Having finally – I hoped – solved my qPCR non-specificity woes by spending inordinate amounts of money on LNA oligos, which – at 65C – became specific between homoeologues, I am rapidly finding that they are so specific in a qPCR reaction, even at 60C, that they will not make it to threshold fluorescence without using more cDNA than I can possibly afford to put in a reaction.

This is what I believe is called a Catch 22.

I am now drowning my sorrows in salty, MSG-y goodness and dreaming of a life of running routine experiments instead.


baking biologist

One response to “The Ramen Diaries, Part 1: qPCR failure

  1. qPCR is an art. But the data it provides when you get it can be priceless. I think I owe my thesis to qPCR. It’s what turned a simple observation and some random correlations into a connected story.
    Best of luck and keep at it.

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