Round Up #4

Back when I was blogging regularly, and when I was writing more about science news and less about the woes of being a PhD student I did a few round ups of interesting things I had read that week which I didn’t have the time to write an entire blog post of. Given how much stuff I’ve managed to stray across this week (mainly because I seem to be back on Twitter, after a long hiatus) I thought it was time for another one.  

Crazy-awesome science:

An elephant can imitate human speech. There are no words. (Pun unintended).

Women in Science:

In a slightly mind-blowing but awesome move, the editors of Nature have written a piece about their own institutional bias, and what they’re trying to do to combat it. Depressing reading, but kind of amazing that they’re willing to put their heads above the parapet on this one.


Science: it’s a girl thing are trying to overhaul their image after the complete lash-up they made of their launch (which I have talked about at length) and have now introduced live web chats. The first was with Virginia Greco, who wrote about her slightly disappointing experiences here.


Voting closed on the Science: It’s your thing competition to make a better trailer than the Science: it’s a girl thing one. (Not hard). Some really awesome entries though!

On Open Access

This isn’t new either (in fact it’s a month old) but Jordan Raff has written a thought-provoking piece about why Open Access has failed to take hold in the past, and the strangle-hold of the ‘Big Three’ (Nature, Science and Cell) who are, at present, determined not to go OA.

Bad news for wheat harvests

Seems like the shoddy weather hasn’t just been sucky for us. This year we will be net importers of wheat (i.e. our harvests have been so bad, we’ve eaten all of our own and then some). :-/

Science for Kids

This week somebody pointed me at a nice guest column on Carolina Parent answering kids’ science questions. This isn’t particularly ground breaking stuff, but it’s nicely written, and I like the idea.

And in other news

Scicurious (who I have enjoyed reading for a while) is offering wannabe science writers the chance to guest blog and have feedback. When the Nature paper I’m excitedly anticipating comes out (ergo I have an awesome topic to write about that I know something about) I’m planning to apply.

2 responses to “Round Up #4

  1. Hi Baking Biologist,

    Thanks for linking to Virginia’s guest post on my blog. You may also be interested in a couple of others I have about sexism in science:


  2. Hi Alex,

    That’s quite all right! I was very interested to read it: thanks for the link.


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