#summergoals: End of Week 1

At the end of last week I wrote a post about my #summergoals: aka the baking biologist’s attempt to be organised, and not have her life taken over by generic moping, procrastination, and political machinations. (Did I mention I’m an evil genius?)

As week 1 draws to a close, it seems sensible to establish how I’m doing so far (aka give myself a kick up the behind).

By the end of Monday I will…

* Run a beautiful triplicate standard curve for my RT-PCR primers.  Done.
* Perform cDNA synthesis on the DNase treated RNA Done. But not on Monday. Embarassingly it turned out I’d actually already done this, and just forgotten! But yey anyway.
* Take my claim form to Finance so I can reclaim the money for that conference. Done
* Type up my director job description so that that is done. Done

By the end of next week (Friday 20th) I will…

* Ask the greenhouse man to sow me some more deletion lines.
* Sit down and write out all the lab problems I am having so that they can be discussed at lab meeting on Wednesday.
* Tidy my bench and desk ready for lab clean up. Well… my bench at any rate. Which was a fairly mammoth task. Desk still needs doing this afternoon.
* Do a plasi prep of epic proportions Done. 10 plasi preps with my favourite gene in them.
* Extract genomic DNA Done
* Repeat the genotyping for my four SNPs. Friday. Fail
* Desperately try to grow up my poor overgrown bacteria. Attempt 1 = Monday Night. Well I tried…. 
* Have established whether I actually need a B1 visa, or can apply for a visa waiver by talking to recently travelled postdoc.

So far, so successful.

Unfortunately what I’d forgotten when I made my epic plan for ‘things to do by the end of July’ was that for three out of five days next week, I’m not actually here. (Funeral, wedding, generic being with partner’s family post-wedding). Which leaves me very little time. Still, I deem week 1 to have been a success, and shall forthwith set myself some targets for Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

One thing that has really helped me with this is using Evernote, a free task management program I downloaded ages ago on the advice of Harvard Astrophysics genius and all around tech wizard Alyssa Goodman. It lets me have centralised To Do lists that synch between my computers in a rather more organised way than my usual Google Docs and it even lets me add tick boxes. (I’m a sucker for tick boxes).

The other thing that helps me is being accountable to people. So I’m afraid you can look forward to lots more of my #summergoals posts as I try to keep going flat out over the summer!

Enjoy your weekend – I’ll leave you with a picture of the instructions I have left my labmates for next week’s clean out when I’m not here:

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